Shipping Information

Shipping Policy uses Australia Post for all domestic shipping requirements.
All parcels shipped by include a tracking number.

We ship packages on a first come first shipped basis. Choosing "Express" or "Standard" shipping doesn't change your position in the queue, it just changes how quickly Australia Post delivers your parcel.

Orders received before 11am Sydney time will typically be shipped out on the same day. Bear in mind that on Mondays we typically have a rather large backlog of orders received over the weekend so we can't always get orders out the same day.

Tracking numbers get issued as soon as your order is processed. When we print out your packing list to process your order, we generate a shipping label at the same time. Your order is then packed and the shipping label is applied to your package. The packing team carefully pack your goodies and put the parcels in a huge stack in our mailing bay. At 4pm, Australia Post picks up all the mail and takes it to the Australia Post Parcel Facility for sorting and distribution. This is the first time your package is scanned, so if you're wondering why your F5 refreshing of the tracking page is showing no results 10 seconds after receiving your tracking number, you know why :)

The process of applying a tracking number to your order and sending you a notification email is entirely automated. We don't do it manually, and we don't have any way to figure out your tracking number before your parcel has shipped, so if you're wondering what your tracking number is there isn't much point emailing us about it - all you need to do is wait to receive the automated email. 

Shipping Times and Postage Costs

Regular Post: $7.95 (2-7 business days)

Express Post: $12.95 (1-2 business days) 

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with their order. We do not refund shipping costs for any reason.

Shipping Delays

Whilst we'd love to be in control of your order from start to finish, unfortunately once the package leaves the premises we are at the mercy of Australia Post to get your package to you on time. In instances where there is a delay, please be patient and allow an extra day or two for your package to arrive. If it's way overdue, feel free to vent your frustrations at our Customer Support Team, they have developed thick skins over the years :) Hint: The nicer you are to them, the more helpful they seem to be, they are a weird bunch I know :)


If you have any issues, such as lost mail, damaged mail etc.. Shoot through an email on the Contact Us page and we'll be more than happy to follow things up for you.



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